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February 4 - The Patton Museum volunteers, Men of Steel, have started work on a new project. A UH-1H Huey Helicopter is now being reassembled and will eventually be restored and repainted as a Vietnam-era Huey by the volunteers. It will be placed in a display that will be in a wing of the museum that will undergo a remodel. Photos of the work day are below.

Helicopter mechanics Richard Upchurch and Chuck Messina inspect the interior of the Huey after opening the access panels.

The open engine bay where the Lycoming T53-L-13 engine would be mounted.

Volunteers Chun-lun Hsu and Kevin Combs II work on removing paint on the synchronized elevator shaft so that it will slip into the mount easily.

Helicopter mechanic Chuck Messina removes paint from the other elevator while Kevin Combs I steadies it.

Paul Correa, Kevin I and II insert the elevator shaft into the mount.

Robert Cartwright mounts the rear rotor mount onto the tail boom.

Richard and Robert Decker secure the rear rotor mount.

Kevin I, Chuck and Kevin II assemble the tail rotor.

Robert attaches the rotor to the tail mount.

Richard secures loose wires and fittings inside the crew compartment.

Richard works on installing overhead controls in the forward cabin.

At the end of the day, the rotor is temporarily secured to the boom until the proper locking parts are located.