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A number of Patton Museum volunteers set up and manned a booth at the 2015 Ohio Valley Military Society Show of Shows held at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The booth was for the promotion of the General George Patton Museum of Leadership.

Banner above the entrance to the Show of Shows.

Kevin Reid and Rick Dickerson set up the display table.

The table had photos, helmets, brochures and a sllide show.

Volunteer supervisor Robert Decker has his photo taken with George Patton Waters, General Patton's grandson.

Robert with George Klein, 2nd Rangers, who scaled the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc on D-Day.

Rick and Rita Berry wait to greet visitors to the booth.

Rick tells young visitors to the booth about the new exhibits inside the Patton Museum.

Rick discusses past experiences with former tankers at the Show of Shows.

MARCH 2015

On March 14, 2015, Patton Museum volunteers, at the request of the commanding general at Fort Knox, set up a display of weapons, uniforms and equipment for the SMG Paul Grey Junior ROTC Drill Team Invitational Competition. Volunteers Robert Decker, James Goodall, Rick Dickerson, Paul Correa, Kevin Combs and Kevin Combs II attended the event at the North Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

A display of U.S. equipment from the Vietnam era.

Tables of World War II weponry consisted of pistols . . .

rifles and shotguns . . .

and assorted blade weapons.

Kevin Combs and his son, Kevin Combs II, talk with ROTC members about the weapons on display.

This gentleman and his son are from Guam. The father told his son these are the Marines who rescued his grandparents and said they are only alive because of the U.S. Marines. The son thought he meant that Kevin I and II were the ones and his eyes grew very large. Kevin Combs then explained he was just doing an impression of the Marines who did the rescue.

James Goodall, doing his General Patton impression, talks to several ROTC members.

Patton Museum volunteers that participated in the exhibit are (l-r) Robert Decker, James Goodall, Paul Correa, Rick Dickerson, Kevin Combs and Kevin Combs II.

APRIL 2015

On Friday, April 24, Paul Correa, Robert Decker, Don Moriarty and Garry Redmon made their annual pilgrimage to The National Armor and Cavalry Museum collection at Fort Benning, Georgia. They met with museum director Len Dyer and restoration specialist Frank Albano at the motor pool.

(l-r) Paul Correa, Robert Decker, Don Moriarty and Garry Redmon outside the motor pool compound.

Restoration specialist Frank Albano and Robert Decker in front of a Liberty tank.

Don Moriarty beside a French FT-18 in the process of being restored.

Director Len Dyer and Paul Correa with an M551 Sheridan in the background.

On Saturday, April 25, a special visitor arrived at the motor pool. Neil French, a World War II veteran and a corporal in the 4th Armored Division, came by with his daughter and granddaughter. Mr. French was a gunner in a Sherman tank that followed Cobra King into Bastogne. On the previous day he had been knighted into the Order of St. George at the Armor Center.

Don Moriarty, team leader on the restoration of Cobra King when it was a Fort Knox, tells Mr. French, his duaghter and granddaughter about what was discovered during the restoration.

Don Moriarty listens as Mr. French tells his stories as a Sherman gunner in World War II.

Mr. French had the attention of everyone in the motor pool as he looked over Cobra King.

Mr. French posed for a photo in front of Cobra King along with (l-r) Len Dyer, Garry Redmon Paul Correa, Don Moriarty, Robert Decker, David Hobbs and Frank Albano.

On Saturday, April 25, the volunteers went to look at a new storage building in the Harmony Church area. Len and Frank had already moved a number of vehicles inside.

The vehicles on one side are arranged with medium tanks through light tanks

A new addition to the collection is this M4 Sherman with applique armor.

An M3 halftrack with M3 scout car and M8 armored car behind it.

An M8 utility car was used in many reenactments and demonstrations at Fort Knox.

MAY 2015

A new storage pavilion has been built and vehicles moved in.

An assortment of war-time and post-war vehicles are stored in the new pavilion.

An M103 heavy tank can be seen in the foreground.

JUNE 2015

An M551 Sheridan was recovered from on Post at Fort Benning and over several months was cosmetically restored and placed near the jump towers as a memorial to the airborne troops.

The M551 Sheridan is towed to the restoration facility. It had a tree growing out of the front.

Old paint is scraped away and new aluminium covering the flotation screen storage was added where needed.

The Sheridan is given a coat of primer in the facility's spay booth.

A base green coat is added.

The base coat finished and baked on under the booth drying lights.

The finished Sheridan in its three-tone period camoflauge sits in the memorial area near a C-47.


A new addition to the NACM collection was delivered in late September. A World War I British Mk IV heavy tank was sent to the workshops. It was one of 10 vehicles sent by the British in World War I for U.S. troops to train on. This sole survivor was part of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds collection and was outside for years.

The Mk IV heavy was placed inside the bay that once housed the Tiger I. It has been moved to another bay.

The exterior is in rough shape and cracks from metal fatigue are present.

One of the sponsons that housed a 6 pdr. gun.

While much of the interior elements are still intact, exposure has taken its toll. This view is looking forward to driver and front MG position.

To make room for the addition of the Mk IV heavy, the Tiger I's turret was temporaily reinstalled and the vehicle was moved to another bay.

MARCH 2016

On March 12, 2016, Patton Museum volunteers, at the request of the commanding general at Fort Knox, set up a display of weapons, uniforms and equipment for the SMG Paul Grey Junior ROTC Drill Team Invitational Competition. Volunteers Robert Decker, James Goodall, Rick Dickerson, Kevin Reid, Kevin Combs and Kevin Combs II attended the event at the North Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Rick Dickerson with his display.

A large assortment of weapons, equipment and uniforms were on display for the ROTC cadets.

Vietnam-era weapons and equipment.

Kevin Reid as World War I U.S. infantryman with his display.

Robert Decker showing cadets Vietnam-era display.

Kevin Combs and Kevin Combs II show students and cadets World War II weapons used by the USMC.

Mike Nagy shows his collection of Union Civil War cavalry equipment.

(l-r) Kevin Reid, Kevin Combs, Robert Decker, James Goodall, Col. Bell, Rick Dickerson, Kevin Combs II and Mike Nagey.

March 17, 2016 - Restoration Specialist Frank Albano worked to clear the broken gears on Cobra King's final drive that prevented the right drive sprocket from turning. This "repair" has allowed the right track to be installed. It will now be painted in the correct O.D. paint and remarked with insignias.

APRIL 2016

April 4, 2016 - An M4A3E8 Sherman is undergoing a cosmetic restoration. It will be a permanent exhibit at the Florida Holocaust Museum at St. Petersburg, Florida. It will be part of a display of the 6th Armored Division's liberation of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

April 4, 2016 - Marine mechanics helping prep another M4A3E8 Sherman for display in front of the former Infantry Tank School building at Fort Benning.

MAY 2016

May 13-14, 2016 - NACM volunteers Robert Decker, Don Moriarty, Paul Correa, Chun-lun Hsu and Garry Redmon went to the NACM restoration shop to visit and work. They helped to unload a U.S. 1916 armored car that will be restored and helped in the reassembly of a World War I FT-18 light tank.

The 1916 armored car was delivered to the NACM work shops in a semi. NACM director Len Dyer lines up the forklift after road wheels were set on the back to counter balance the load.

NACM volunteers Don Moriarty and Robert Decker help in the unload.

NACM volunteer Paul Correa, far left, helps to position the armored car.

Chains are used to secure the armored car to the forklift. With the combination of forklift and the truck lift gate, the armored car was lowered to the ground. NACM volunteer Chun-lun Hsu, far right, photographed the event.

The armored car now sitting in a work bay.

Brass vehicle tag attached to the hull.

NACM restoration specialist Frank Albano, far left, looks on while NACM volunteers Paul Correa, Robert Decker and Garry Redmon work on the reassembly of an FT-18.

Finding the correct nuts and bolts to secure the plates to the frame was a challenge.

The driver doors proved most troublesome to fit correctly.

Robert tightens the nuts on driver doors.