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January 4, 2015 - Welcome to the new Armor for the Ages web site. The site's focus has changed somewhat. It will still present information on the General George Patton Museum of Leadership at Fort Knox, Kentucky and the National Armor & Cavalry Museum (NACM) at Fort Benning, Georgia and the volunteer programs that serve both institutions along with news on projects, events and exhibits. It will also offer information on the vehicles and weapons that have been or are currently in these museums' collections. This information will consist of brief histories, technical observations and exterior and/or interior photos. Over time new vehicles will be added while others are dropped to make room. The hope is that, even though most of these vehicles have been extensively covered elsewhere, visitors will still find something new or interesting. Please access the drop down menus above to see how U.S. military history is both preserved and presented by these museums.

Thanks goes to the volunteers that support these museums and the contributors who have generously added to this site through photos and materials. As always we wish to express our gratitude and support to all of the men and women serving in our armed forces worldwide. Our hope for everyone is a safe and speedy return home.

1-4-15 The new Armor for the Ages web site premiers.

The General George Patton Museum of Leadership has a new director. Alice M. Hart was named the new director in October 2014. We wish her luck and success with this new position.

The Patton Museum and NACM are supported by foundations that solicit funding from private organizations and individuals. Except for their staffs and operating costs, no public funding is used to maintain their collections. Please take the time to donate to these worthy causes.

The Patton Museum Foundation.

The National Armor and Cavalry Museum Foundation.

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